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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Isauro Martinez Theater a cultural Icon in the middle of Mexico!
A worthwhile visit.

The paintings in the theater by Salvador Tarazona took more than 2 years to complete.
The design of the façade & interiors are Art Deco with Spanish, Arab & very stylized designs. Of particular note is a frontal rose window contained inside an immense Moorish arch that surrounds the stage; however, it is Tarazona’s art containing elements from Arabia, Indochina & the Ottoman Empire that draws the eye to the ceiling & stage. The impressive murals Tarazona painted show exotic scenes that could have been taken from the One Thousand and One Nights. The murals are somewhat faded but haven't been retouched even through an extensive remodeling to retain the artistic integrity that Salvador Tarazona intended.

We all had a great time on our tour even when our tour guide told us very unbelievable ghost stories! ...some sort of 3rd row "ghost seat"? My friend Carolyn smiled even when we were taken up into the dizzy uppermost portion of the theater where the cheap seats were! Isauro Martinez Theater is one of the national historic art treasures. It is said to be rated as the 2nd most beautiful theater in Latin America.

Beauty, Wisdom & an evil doer! Always at part of a dramatic setting! These carved columns were part of the interior artworks that took several years to complete when Isauro Martinez built this theater.

Eternal Love as painted by Salvador Tarazona in the Theater Isauro Martinez, Torreon Coahuila.

Also in historic Centro, we toured the "Canal de la Perla" which is an old irrigation channel running underneath the Historical Center of Torreon. The origins of the Perla irrigation channel date from 1890's & actually predate Torreon as a city. The corridor of the old canal which has been preserved is now host to modern day art exhibits.

Quiet subterranean stroll...while the Traffic flies by overhead!! (Probably the most orderly Mexican traffic I have ever seen or photographed!)



Blogger Lauren said...

this is very cool, i want to see the theater when we visit you guys in April!

6:47 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

esta bien!

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