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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Deco Entrance to the Mercado Juarez has details in stone of the produce one can hope to find inside!

I visited Mercado Juarez in the downtown historical district today. This Mercado dates back to the turn of the last century & the current structure actually replaced a more grand building that burned to the ground. The Mercado is where Torreon locals can still buy a wide variety of items including herbs, candles & religious items as well as food items like local veggies & fresh fish. We enjoyed looking around and found a few items which were typical Mexico! I loved the great selection of Mexican redware cazos, barros & ollas. And if I had needed a Lucite scorpion tie pin, a breast shaped beer mug or a Tequila cask this was truly the place. Other than that there were the prerequisite tee shirts, shot glasses, candies & dolls. My favorite place was the street next to the Mercado Juarez where all the flower vendors set up shop. The air was filled with the heady scents of roses, carnations & fresh cut greenery. For a few pesos you could have dozens of Pom Poms or Rosas. Very nice!


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