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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Good Day, Beautiful People!

In order to instill a bit more than my Tex-Mex version of Espanol my Spanish teacher Lily decided we need a field trip. We visited the Mercado Juarez where I met & spoke to many of the local vendors, learned a few more names of the commonly used Mexican vegetables, herbs & fruits. We also visited a Bakery~Panderia & a well known candy shop. With way more information than my brain could comprehend we then went to meet her family. Lily's Familia owns many chicken rotisserie shops in both Torreon & Gomez Palacio. They speak 100% Spanish which forced me to utilize my Spanish one on one. The Lopez family is wonderful, warm, full of love & life! I was taken behind the scenes where the fresh Red & Green Salsa Jalapeno is made in 25-30 gallon batches. I saw crates of fresh peppers, learned how they make their fresh red & green salsas & even toured the Tortilleria her family runs to provide fresh tortillas & gorditas for their Chicken Businesses. Her father has a fleet of little motorcycles & guys to run deliveries to local customers who want the fresh roasted chickens! I felt very blessed to meet & be a part of this family for a day. *And, incidently the hottest fresh salsa!!!!!


Blogger tilegirl said...

Looks fun! I love the turquoisse building.
There is no better way to learn the spanish than to speak the spanish.

2:28 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

I agree & the colors often used on buildings here are quite tropical.

2:46 PM  

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