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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We had some panic at the border on my part when I realized that I had my passport in another purse at the house in Torreon. After freaking out a bit I called the US Customs agent at the International Bridge where we were crossing & explained my predicament. I was told that a valid form of ID & my birth certificate would be sufficient to get me back home. The Passport is an absolute in airports now but driving or walking across the other forms of ID will be okay till January 2008. Lesson learned! Never leave home in a foreign country without the passport. Saves a great deal of stress as well. I was so blessed thankful when we finally drove across. Of course none of the driving at the border was quick. There was an almost 2 hour wait in the lines at the bridge.

At Nuevo Laredo they were trying to get into the Christmas Spirit.



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