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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ojuela Mine

The Mining Ghost Town, Memories of bygone era

We finally made it up the mountainside to the see the ruins of the once thriving mining community at the Ojuela Mine. There we saw the old stone ruins, the famous Hanging Bridge of Ojuela. The Puente Colgante Ojuela is very famous & was built by the Roebling Co. of New Jersey, the Brooklyn Bridge creator. The same techniques were employed at Ojuela Mine with certainly different terraine & climate. It is the longest hanging bridge in Latin America. The bridge sways & frankly scared the daylights out of me on some level! But once across there is only one way to return unless you are really crazy & want to use the zip lines that are set up for extreme sports enthusiast over the Ojuela gorge. And all I have to say is no thank you! There were rock & minerals for sale beside the opening to the mine. The sights were impressive & mountain views breath taking. Awesome!!!


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