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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Now & Then in Ojuela

Ojuela Mine & Puente Colgante, Mapimi Durango

I found this wonderful vintage photo of the Ojuela Mines when they were in full scale operation at the turn of the last century. The mines then supported some 3000 workers who lived at the community of Ojuela and traveled up into the mountains on the narrow gauge railroads that also retrieved the deposits from the mines. After my 4 previous postings about the visit to the mines & our visit to the museum in Mapimi & hearing about the American influence at Ojuela I did alot of on line digging & came up with this & thought it was of note! The bridge was tilted then to allow the carts loaded with the deposits to come across the bridge easily. I also found the New Jersey connection very odd. I can't imagine what engineers from New Jersey must have thought about this untamed area of Mexico then.


Blogger Nancy said...

I love the ruins from the mines, they look ancient! But can you imagine being on that bridge? I feel sick just thinking about it. it is like something from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Harrison Ford is hanging on to the rail with one hand and holding on to the screaming babe with the other. Then the little Mexican boy is on the otherside screaming in his broken English.....

7:29 AM  
Blogger Dee said...

Ah, I think you are describing the "Temple of Doom" Indiana Jones plot. The one where the man is able to rip a human heart out!!! Mine was just pounding out of my chest on that bridge, and glad no one was chasing me across that *&@# bridge!!

8:26 AM  

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