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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Looking for the Vice President!

Barton Springs

The Maryland nieces visited while we were in Texas. Trying hard to pack everything in we did Barton Springs, Tessoros Trading Co., More Tex-Mex than is possible & of course a great visit to San Antonio to see Mimi & Nana. San Antonio photos seem like Mexico...or is it?? There was even a Vice Presidential sighting @ El Arroyo, he, he! Miss you Katherine & Sarah!

With friends it is hard to say
goodbye so we just plan the next event..
love my girls!!!
All my friends are royal!!!
Dee & Patti the early years!!!

More on getting together with friends...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beautiful Ruins: Ex Convento SanFransico
Beauty & History

Spring in Zacatecas

We were fortunate to
visit Zacatecas over
Spring Break & see the
ex Convento SanFransisco
ruins as well as the
beautiful city with
the ancient spanish aqueducts ,

view from la Buffa & the
Hotel Quinta Real Zacatecas.

Beautiful Texas Sunset in Knippa

The real reason I am in Torreon:

some call him Senor Kincke I just call him John! And even though we rest our heads in Mexico our thoughts are always in Texas right around sundown! God bless our Texas.

The Pets

Mexican kitty, Katerina is a Persian cutie. Not to replace Molly dog or Allie cat but a south of the border addition. Molly & Allie are keeping Lauren company in Texas.

Las Isabeles

Our home in the Las Isabeles neighborhood of Torreon. The homes in Mexico are take advantage of the lot & space available. The location is what is considered the curb in Texas. The walls of the house are very thick concrete with limestone veneer on the streetside. Very cool for the Mexican hot weather. The guard at the front gate usually is accompanied by the neighborhood poodle. Not much vigilance I fear!

Torreon: Desert & Mountains
The Town of Torreon is home to about 1 million people. They are very proud of El Cristo de las Noas. It is the Christ statue on the hillside at the edge of the mountains above Torreon.

On the way to Torreon

On the way to Torreon in June we stayed in the Quinta Real Hotel in Monterrey Nuevo Leon. The hotel was fabulous & service was outstanding. The next day we drove through Saltillo on our way home to Torreon.

Saying Goodbye...
The hardest part of leaving Texas is & will always be leaving our family. They are pieces of the heart you take anywhere you call home. Whether it is Mexico or Texas, a dorm room or an office. These are my baby girls!

Friends & Goodbyes

My friends back in Texas I miss alot but know that there are South of the Border get away weekends on the horizon! Muwahhhh Love you Chicas!

Texas to Mexico

A Texan in Mexico the story will unravel with time.
Torreon Coahuila to Round Rock Texas: big changes! Manana is another day here in Mexico.....