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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Clean pool once again! Saint Francis can once again hold his head high! 5 days, many chemicals & mucho labor!

We arrived back in Torreon from the holidays in Texas to find that dust storms, rain storms & the molting Pecan tree had really made a mess of the swimming pool. At one point I think St. Francis even looked like he was embarrassed since he stands prominently near the pool. Usually serene & restful, the pool had become a complete bog while we were enjoying our family holiday back home in Texas!

John called in a specialist for the disaster that had been the swimming pool! A pool "Doctor" was strongly recommended & much required. Thankfully Torreon has such a man who was able to rehabilitate our pool! I tried to imagine what the polite & humble Dr.Marco Alfredo Hernandez Vera was thinking as he took a small sample of the dust & trash ridden water from our pool! I was greatly relieved when he said it was entirely possible to get the pool 100% clean! He did however have to call in his team of specialist! What a crew!! They worked for 5 days cleaning, treating & using an alternate "super pump" to remove the dust, leaves, a tree limb & trash that the storms blew into the pool.

There is nothing like the dirt & dust that can accumulate here in the desert! It seems to have no end, like the ocean's waves at the beach! It just keeps on.....Most people from Torreon seem to take the dust in stride but it still suprises most of the Gringos!!

The dirty pool was a very big job waiting for us when we arrived home from our Christmas in Texas. Not to be out done the patio was pretty bad too, photos not available!


Blogger ClaudiaH said...

Haha! That reminds me of when I lived in Midland, TX. I had a large concrete fish pond in the back yard. I drained it and painted it a lovely sky blue. I refilled it. Within about 2 days, the dust storms had totally obliterated the view of the bottom. I never saw that blue paint again!

7:50 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

and you thought party pool was bad...

8:11 PM  

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