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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Flooding on Independencia
A Fog of Dust!

Mexico a place of extremes
Torreon has frequent dust storms which fly in & cover everything with dust. (everything is an understatement) For the moment before the dust hits, the breeeze feels good then one realizes it is nothing but dust blowing & it is a scramble to close doors & windows, etc. The dust at times looks like fog even till it hits your skin & eyes, then there is no mistake! This weekend we dealt with rain. While local street flooding kept us close to home. The rest of the week here is predicted to have 60% chance of rain. More rain here in the desert! Oh boy, the rain seems to bring out the critters here. The only good point to the extremes is: our storms move in & out pretty quickly. Not much slows the pace of life down in Latin America. Traffic has got to keep moving & horns continue to blare!



Blogger Lauren said...

It's amazing, like the wrath of nature come to Torreon. I really like the Christ photo, it's very interesting visually and I really like that it almost looks like a halo surrounding the statue.

6:21 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Looks to me like many religious experiences in the country to the south of us here in Los Estados Unidos

6:37 PM  

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